Benefits of organic virgin oils

Firstly, this organically-farmed raw material contains no (or an infinitely small amount of) chemical residues from fertilisers and pesticides, and offers an optimal level of nutrients.

Second, the “virgin” designation guarantees that the oil is obtained only by mechanical methods and has not been chemically treated or refined.
As for the term “cold first pressed” (the first word is vital!), it ensures that the seeds or fruits have not been heated during pressing – so their nutritional value stays intact.

Emma Noël’s production method is therefore mechanical only. Organic seeds are cold-pressed in slow-turning screw presses. Once the solids have settled, the juice is filtered through blotting paper.

Made with painstaking passion with respect for artisanal tradition, our cold first pressed virgin oils retain all the value of their fatty acids and vitamins. Natural and authentic, they deliver the flavour and finesse of their fruit or seed.

pétales rose Emma Noël


pétales jaune moutarde Emma Noël

Selected, organically-farmed seeds with controlled quality and traceability

pétales jaune clair Emma Noël

No solvents or other additives

pétales vert foncé Emma Noël

Production does not harm the environment (recycled oil cakes – biodegradable impurities – no wastewater)

pétales orange Emma Noël

Natural vitamin E content maintained

pétales rose Emma Noël


Oils form the base of creams, care oils, and emulsions in general. They are proving to be a precious source of active ingredients much appreciated by the skin.

Essential fatty acids: Keep the skin moisturised, Maintain elasticity, Maintain and restore the barrier function

Unsaponifiable: Restructure skin microrelief, Fight free radicals, Moisturise, VITAMIN E (prevents cutaneous ageing), PHYTOSTEROLS (emulsifying effect), POLAR LIPIDS (phospholipids, glycolipids, sphingolipids: vectorises active ingredients, soothes, promotes cohesion of intercellular cement)

The product factsheets on this website list advice, properties and virtues for oils and plants. These details will help you adapt product use to your skin and hair types.